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Founded on 24 March 2011, Instagramers London forms part of the global network of mobile photography communities using the Instagram app. We plan meetups and organise events, providing the London mobile photography community with opportunities to meet each other and take and share great photographs.

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The wait is over. And the verdict is finally in. The winner of our Iconic London June Architecture Challenge is @rapidandi with his sublime image of two of London’s truly iconic pieces of architecture, one old and one new, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge. Some detailed editing reveals the clarity of St Paul’s against a blurred backdrop of the financial centre, as if a beacon shining through time and through politics - especially resonant given the recent events around the Cathedral. All set against a beautiful pinky blue sky. But what we also liked about this image is that it also included another important element in London’s life: people. So huge congratulations to And(i)y! And a big well-done also to all the finalists and indeed to everyone who tagged. It was such a difficult task picking the finalists given the really high standard of entries. And thanks again to @firebox for their kind prize donation which Andy will be enjoying very soon! Thanks to @rugfoot who did a wonderful job with this contest! (Taken with Instagram)


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